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Our primary service at the present time is in conducting Vulnerability Assessments.  With this, we will run scan of your selected IP addresses and/or websites. Once this has been completed, you will then have full access to a report with the findings.   We can run this scan on a quarterly basis in order to provide you with up-to-date information as to how well your lines of defenses are protecting your digital assets.

Once we review the Vulnerability Assessment Report with you, we’ll provide suggestions as to as for best practices or additional testing.  One of the options would be a Penetration Test.

For more information about the Vulnerability Assessment, click here.

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We also offer cutting edge Cybersecurity newsletters to keep you, the SMB owner, informed of what is going on out there.  Our content that we offer to you is very easy to understand, and we keep the techno jargon out.  We offer two levels of subscription:

Our quarterly newsletter, called the “Gemini IBD® Cybersecurity Newsletter”.  It is a quarterly newsletter, and is only $39.99 for the year.  For more information, click here.

Our weekly newsletter, called the “Cyber Journal™” comes to you every Friday, and is only $99.00 for the year.  We scour all of the news headlines for the week, and give the top five headlines that matter to you the most.  For more information, click here.


One of the biggest nemeses in the world of Cybersecurity is that of the good ‘ole fashion password.  Whether you love it or hate it, passwords have always been the traditional means of authenticating somebody.  Nobody likes to create long and complex passwords that are hard to remember.  You may make use of a password manager, but that in of itself requires its own password that you have to remember as well.

Also, password resets can not only slow down productivity, but it can cost an SMB at least $300 per year per employee for a password reset to take place.  Nobody can afford these staggering costs, as it only eats out from the bottom line.

So is there is a new solution?  Yes, there is, and it is called Iris Recognition.  With just one quick scan of your eye, you can be logged into your device in just two seconds.  Thus, this eliminates not only having to use a password, but our solutions are completely non contactless, so you do not have to worry about the fear of COVID19 transmission.

Our solution is called the “IriShield”, and to view a brochure of it, click here.

We can also demo this product for you as well.


We will also be offering other Cyber services down the road, which will include the following:

  • Remote Workforce Compliance;
  • Phishing Vulnerabilities;
  • M365/Microsoft Azure Licensing and Hosting Plans;
  • Cyber solutions for the Ag Sector;
  • Cyber Domain Brokerage Services;
  • Cybersecurity Certifications.


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