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At Technosoft Cyber, our goal is to offer affordable and extremely reliable Cyber- based services to the Small and Medium Sized (SMB) business community.

“We’re the Cyber Busters” ™

We Will Always Work for You

With us, we will never turn you away. If we can’t find an answer to your question, we will work our hardest until we can find you one.

The Experience to Back It Up

In fact, Technosoft Cyber is a sister company of AST Cybersecurity, which is one of the leading content generation firms for the industry.  Our specialists have a combined experience of 40+ years in the IT world.

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Learn How To Create A Ransomware Recovery Plan

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Learn all about Threat Hunting and Threat Modeling

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Our parent company, AST Cyber, has written a large number of whitepapers for our clients.

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AST Cyber has also 14 years of blog writing experience for its clients. 

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Our parent company, AST Cybersecurity, is in the process of creating journal articles on the Zero Trust Framework, Biometrics as a means of Multifactor Authentication (MFA), Identity and Access Management (IAM), Privileged Access Management (PAM), etc.  We are planning to launch a separate company that will offer consulting services in these areas.

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Our parent company, AST Cybersecurity is going to be launching a new subsidiary division called Firewall Force, LLC.  This will focus on Cyber education for both businesses and colleges/universities.  To see more click HERE!

AST Cybersecurity will also be launching another new division, called Omega Software Labs, Inc.  We are looking at forming relationships and partnerships with other software development companies when it comes to source code security.  To see more, click HERE!

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Vulnerability Services

With this, we will run scan of your selected IP addresses and/or websites. Once this has been completed, you will then have full access to a report with the findings.

Cyber Newsletters

We also offer cutting edge Cybersecurity newsletters to keep you, the SMB owner, informed of what is going on out there.  Our content that we offer to you is very easy to understand, and we keep the techno jargon out. 


Whether you love it or hate it, passwords have always been the traditional means of authenticating somebody. We now have a new solution.

Future Cyber Services

We have many other cyber services to offer, including remote workforce compliances, cyber domain name sales, and even hosting packages. 

Technosoft Cyber Blogs

Dangers of Phishing Emails on Small Businesses

Dangers of Phishing Emails on Small Businesses

As the world becomes more connected, so do its risks. Cybercrime is on the rise, and it’s hitting small businesses harder than ever before. Phishing attacks are one of the most common cyber threats that small businesses face. These malicious emails are designed to...


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