At Technosoft Cyber, we offer four levels of security services.  They are as follows:

  • Judy: This is deployed onto your wireless device or server and can stop threats in real time before they cause serious damage.  Best of all, it is very affordable for the small business owner.
  • Vulnerability Scanning: This is a more in depth scan, in which we can examine up to 6 unique websites for any holes.
  • Penetration Testing: This is a much more comprehensive diagnostic, in that we tear down your entire perimeter of security, and examine the external threats that are inbound.
  • Threat Hunting: This is also yet another comprehensive test, but the reverse of the Penetration Test.  We examine for threats that could be lurking from within your business.  This is a great way to detect for any signs of an insider attack that could be occurring.

We first recommend that you start with Judy, but of course, you can choose whatever service you want, and we will work with you on that.

Remember, “We’re the Cyber Busters!!!”™

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